Rugby and Soccer

Trompie Group has been involved in the construction of natural and artificial Soccer and Rugby pitches since 1990. Our world class construction methods, equipment and experience ensures the best possible Rugby or Soccer surface that meet FIFA or IRB requirements. We have partnered with global and local manufacturers and can offer a wide variety of surfaces and equipment.

Artificial Surface

Colleges, schools, clubs and recreational facilities and even some professional leagues increasingly choose synthetic turf fields over natural grass pitches for soccer. Synthetic turf consists of artificial grass blades stitched into a backing material and interspersed with black rubber beads and sand.

Lower cost and less upkeep constitute some of the major reasons to consider installing artificial turf. Artificial turfs don't require mowing, water and require less maintenance.

Natural Surface

With 26 years of experience in the cultivation and maintenance of top class sport turf, Trompie offers the best solutions for your natural turf sport facility. Trompie cultivates their own turf and grow only the best quality turf. A natural sport field requires an irrigation system and Trompie has developed standard systems as well as custom build irrigation systems. The systems are selected based on cost, utilization and client specifications.

FIFA World Cup 2010

In cooperation with the FIFA local organizing committee, the Trompie Group was involved in the construction of over 26 FIFA approved artificial soccer pitches across the country in the past 5 years as well as many others.

Trompie also constructed the natural practice fields for cup winners Spain and England. Our world class natural sport grass is cultivated and maintained by specialists within the Trompie Group.

Rugby and Soccer Equipment

We manafacture and supply variety of rugby/soccer equipment & supplies including artificial turf, goals and nets.

Artifical Soccer Aerial Footage

Watch aerial footage of an artifical soccer field we designed and constructed for a local community in Northern Cape recently.

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