Trompie Group has been involved in the construction of natural and artificial hockey pitches since 1990. Our world class construction methods, equipment and experience ensure the best possible hockey surface that meets FIH requirements and standards. We have partnered with the best local and international manufacturers and can offer a wide variety of hockey surfaces and equipment.

Artificial Surface Sand-dressed pitch

Sand-dressed artificial turf is a high specification synthetic sports surface designed specifically for dynamic paced hockey. Sand-dressed systems usually have a pile height of between 18 and 22mm and can be accredited with an FIH certificate. Sand-dressed pitches are ideal for schools and clubs as they are not only environmentally friendly but also more affordable than a wet-based system.

Artificial Surface Water-based pitch

The water-based artificial turf system is the top specification surface for hockey and is used for International and Olympic competitions. The sports turf uses a denser pile than other surface types which, combined with the water layer, provides the truest ball roll of any artificial turf system.

Natural Surface

A natural hockey surface requires an irrigation system to be maintained efficiently. Trompie's farms grow only the best quality natural turf for hockey fields and together with our skilled installation teams, our natural surface hockey fields offer quality performance for years to come.

Hockey Equipment

We manafacture and supply variety of hockey equipment & supplies including artificial turf, goals and nets.

Hockey Field Construction Timelapse

Timelapse of an artifical sand-dressed hockey field we designed and constructed. Leveling & drainage technology tailored to South African ground and weather conditions.

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